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World Hyundai Matteson1November 24, 2018

Tonya P. of Carol Stream IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Tonya Porter (Carol Stream, IL) on November 24, 2018
Department: Service

Worst service ever.  I went in for my 15,000 maintenance.  I was told it would take maybe one and a half hours.  Actually, it seemed like maybe only 40 minutes(not a bad thing)  and I was told my vehicle(2018 Santa Fe sport) was done.   I got inside and drove off and noticed the tire psi was reading the same as when I brought it in.  I turned around and drove back and told Reuben that I was disappointed that they hadn't checked the tire pressure for all the money I had  just paid for the maintenance.  He said I have to drive it for it to recalibrate and he would have them check.  Already, I'm getting mad, because I know they didn't check it.  He drove off and after a few minutes I went looking for him because at that point I was confident they didn't even rotate the tires and now I wasn't sure if they did anything that was supposed to be done.  The only thing I could see that they did was hose the car down with water as it was still dripping.  I found Reuben and voiced my concern and he  offered to let me speak to the service manager.  After waiting another 10 minutes(maybe longer) I was escorted over to the manager who apologized because he couldn't come to me due to something wrong with his leg.  He asked me to explain what happened and I told him that a week ago, the low tire pressure light came on.  I checked and the psi was reading 27 for all four tires on the display.  I went to the gas station(it was a cold day) and managed to put enough air in the tires to get the light off.  After putting air in all four tires, the right rear passenger tire read 35 and the other 3 tires 32. I figured once I had my maintenance they would inflate them properly.  However, they still read the same after the work was allegedly done.  If they'd been checked and rotated, the tires woouldn't have read the same.  So he asks the tech who worked on my car(I know he was the one that worked on my car because he called his name and that was the name on my paperwok) if you had to drive the car before the tire pressure changed?  Either the tech was wise(because he didn't say anything) or I beat him to it because I said no, you don't have to drive it.  When I put the air in my tires the vehicle was off.  I turned it back on and that is when I noticed I'd put a little more air in one tire than the others. I explained that I wasn't confident that any of the work was done that was supposed to be done after all the money I just paid.  The manager said well, I'm not going to argue with you.(Really, that's what you say) He said he didn't actually see what the tech did so he couldn't say either way.   He said that would have them check every thing and put nitrogen in my tires.  Now, I'm really mad as I go back to the waiting room to wait.  As I'm waiting I see another couple come back after their vehicle service was alledgedly done.  I asked why they were back and the gentleman informed me that he'd asked for the tire pressure to be adjusted and it wasn't.  He'd actually a taken a picture of the monitor in his car with the psi levels with his cellphone and he showed it to me.  I explained that was one of my issues too.  Now, I'm thinking this is obviously standard procedure for this service department.  Shady service is status quo.  Whatever they can get over on you they will. I smelled a rat from the beginning and should've gone with  my gut.   When I purchased my car it had 4100 miles on it.  Shortlyy after that the display started dinging stating I needed to bring it for my oil change. I called the service department and was informed I should've already had the oil changed.  I explained I purchased the car with 4100 miles on it.  She apologized. I said why are you telling me I need an oil change everything 3700 miles when the manual states 7,500 miles.  She transferred me to someone else. I voiced my concern and he said well the manual isn't always right. WHAT?   He said Hyundai's come with synthetic oil and that is why you need to bring them in sooner.  I knew that wasn't right and just hung up.  At that point, I should've  looked for another service department, but I thought well...maybe he was just one bad apple.  I had my other half take the vehicle in for me for the 7,500 mile maitenance.  Now, when he took it in, he received an automobile report.  I was also emailed one.  This visit on 11/23/18, I didn't get any of that.  I happened to walk out into the sales department and Eric Garcia recognized me and asked me how the car was doing.  I told him it was fine except for their shady service department.  He offered to take care of my problem right away.  I told him I was already on it.  He is the only reason I went back to World Hyundai anyway.  I wouldn't even have purchased the car from World Hyundai if it wasn't for his superior service.  Shame on me for me not listening to my gut in the first place in regards  to the service department. I should've gone somewhere else.   At this point, I feel the service deparment  OWES ME MONEY back!

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