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World Hyundai Matteson1May 15, 2014

Reesa S. of South Bend IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Reesa S Scott (South Bend, IN) on May 15, 2014
Department: Service
My experience with world Hyundai after I signed on the dotted line has been horrible! First of all the salesperson of which is not listed on you little roster Damon Moore had the audacity to hit on me after my fiancÚ left to return to work! Then informed me he was going to purches the vehicle I had traded in! During our conversation of the sales he had informed us that the trade in would be marked up for the fiancÚ company. But after signing my paper work I noticed it was only being treated as a $100 dollar trade in! So I assumed they had fudged it around with the finace company! No not the case when I spoke with the finance company they informed me their was a $100 dollar down payment! I called and spoke with Damon and his response was he had nothing to so with anything just the sales portion! Ha he is the one that has to get the sales so on sure that means by any means necessary! My car was a 2003 jaguar x type no rust no problems just a rebuilt title! When I asked if it would be better just to pay he told me I had to trade in the car! Well when I spoke with Camille Wright the finance Manager she informed me I could purchase the vehicle back if it was on the lot still. Damon confirmed it being on the lot but after that no one would answer my calls nor would they return them. I called and left messages for two to three weeks with no return call at all! As I wait for my tags to be in it's coming down to days before my paper plates expire so I call again and speak with someone in the title deparmtment who informs me they never received my indiana inspection which I faxed to Cammile on 4/22/2014. On 4/23/14 I received a call asking about my insurance but was not informed they hadn't received my inspection paper work. Now on 5/ 14/14 after receding it and calling to confirm of which no on returned to confirm I called again to make sure they had received it I spoke with Cammile at this time who put me on hold and when she returned to the phone I asked it was her and she said no it's the secretary! I know whom I just spoke! This has been a complete fiasco! When I call to speak with a manager I'm put on hold from fifteen to twenty minutes with still no answer!! I am furios with the way I've been treated at world Hyundai! As a purchasing customer this is an outrage of your appreciation of my business!

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