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World Hyundai Matteson1July 5, 2010

not a good trip

by Juan A Aranda Jr (Waupaca, WI) on July 5, 2010
Department: Sales

I will never ever get another car from this place and neither will anybody I know.I emailed in with a $12,500 offer for a 2006 impala ss I recieved a phonecall from Ria saying I've got great news we will take your offer of 12500 for the car long story short and a 5 1/2 hr drive to get there I finally arrive take the car for the test drive and am getting ready to buy when I was told the price was 13999 and there was no deal for 12500 and that they only said they would listen to my offer which is BS you dont call someone and say Ive got great news you can drive almost 6 hours so we can listen to your offer and Raul even called me later after ria told me she would send all of my info to him and he even said in his message that Ive got great news for you So I assumed he knew what my offer was because once again you dont call and say great news we can sell you the car for what we have it listed for. So i get there after all of that driving (my sister lives by antioch and came up to WI to get me so I could drive it back home so she had already been driving 8+ hrs I find out the car is the price that its listed for is the final price no negotiating because they had already put so much $ in the car which is more bs because from what I can tell all they did was change the oil.So after all of this I was stuck between a rock and a hard place do I make my sister drive me back 5 1/2 hrs north all for nothing and on the other hand Ive got raul telling to come on get the car you know this is the one you want etc etc he's like we can finance you the 1500 and you can pay if off asap and avoid the interest come on you know you want this car then after waiting almost 2 hours to talk to the finance woman I finally get in there and she said the loan is too small we need to put some more on it to help get it approved so she talked me into a 2yr warranty which was a good deal but even after repeatedly telling raul I have the $ to pay the taxes that was snuck on the loan also and was unaware of this until I was signing the papers so this loan that was supposedly starting out at 1500 ended up being over 4000 I wasnt told any of this I was only told the amount of the monthly payment So in short you guys completely suckered me into paying almost 17000 for a car that I was told was only going to cost me 12500 its dealerships like yours thatr give all other ones bad names you have no idea how hard I prayed that somehow the financing didnt go thru and you would need the car back but Im screwed now with a big loan that if I dont pay off soon is going to break me so thanks alot I know this isnt the type of review you would want but there is almost no way I couldve had a worse experience

Our reply

This sounds like a terrible trip that you and your family had to make and I am sincerely sorry for the aggravation that you had to experience. No one should have had to go through that. I am sorry that someone on the phone gave you the impression that we would be able to accept that offer as the car was already priced below cost at 13,995. Regardless, this was not how you should have had to hear about us not accepting your offer. It could have been done before you arrived. Again I am truly sorry for this.

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