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World Hyundai Matteson2March 15, 2012

New Lenox IL Customer Offers Opinion on World Hyundai Experience

by Anonymous Anonymous (New Lenox, IL) on March 15, 2012
Department: Sales

I experienced both the good and the frustrating at this dealership.  Robert Blue was excellent to work with and a very friendly guy who was not pushy and made the experience very easy.  Camille in finance was also great to work with and always available to speak with me.  What was frustrating was the fact that somwhere along the line my title transfer got messed up.  The new Hyundaii was supposed to be transferred to my name right away so that I could pick up my new registration from the currency exchange.  I made about five trips to currency exchanges and each time they would tell me that the transfer had not gone through.  My registration was almost up on my plates so I was getting very nervous about the prospect of driving illegaly.  Finally, this got cleared up.  Then, my trade-in still had a small balance that was supposed to get paid off.  I was told the pay-off was sent, but my previous car finance company billed me for my next payment! They had never received a pay-off, and I had to make a payment on my old car so that it wouldn't hurt my credit! I called World Hyundaii, and I was informed that the pay-off had been sent to the wrong place! They did clear it up and my previous finance company refunded me my payment, but this was all very frustrating.  Like I said, I really enjoyed working with Robert Blue and Camille, and I am not blaming any one person, but it seems as though a better system is needed.

Our reply

Thank you for your open and honest opinion. We strive to be the best and will use your comment as motiviation to be even better the next time. We appreciate you mentioning the positives of Robert and Camille and apologize for the errors regarding your paperwork. None of this should have happened. We really dropped the ball on you and again we are sincerely sorry.

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