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World Hyundai Matteson5April 5, 2017

Cora R. of Olympia Fields IL

by Cora Rogers (Olympia Fields, IL) on April 5, 2017
I was very frustrated when I came into the dealership. The salesperson that I was looking for no longer worked at the dealership, so I was hesistant to deal with other salesperson, but Kevin A. approached and offered to assist me. He was an EXCELLENT salesperson. He got me the... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5January 21, 2017

Donnell L. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Donnell Layne (Olympia Fields, IL) on January 21, 2017
Department: Sales
Erik has been a great partner on my journey to purchase a new, safe, and reliable vehicle.  He cuts thru the BS and gets right to the point, just the way I like it.  He has my vote!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5November 9, 2016

Shari K. of Olympia Fields IL

by Shari L Klein (Olympia Fields, IL) on November 9, 2016
Will did a great job explaining everything.  Financing was able to get me the vehicle I wanted... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5October 29, 2016

Marcus S. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Marcus Scarbrough (Olympia Fields, IL) on October 29, 2016
Department: Sales
My experience today was beyond my expectation. Considering the situation, I have to say that Hyundai overall from repair to sales has provide exceptional customer service. There was pressure at all during the sales process. Eric went to great length to answer all my questions and provide me with all... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5October 12, 2016

Sharon A. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Sharon Armstead (Olympia Fields, IL) on October 12, 2016
Department: Sales
Edwin and Erik are very patient and respond to EVERY request.  I use to hate purchasing new cars.  World Hyundai Salesforce is great.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5March 7, 2016

Frank S. of Olympia Fields IL

by Frank L Simmons (Olympia Fields, IL) on March 7, 2016
Chris and Khalil were very attentive and respectable. They properly accomadated me on my purchase. I will reccommend their business to all who are interested in buying anew car. I amvery happy with my experience at Hyundai.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson4January 23, 2014

Frueze D. of Olympia Fields IL

by Frueze H Deadmon (Olympia Fields, IL) on January 23, 2014
Chris was a pleasant representative, who presented himself in a professional manner. The process seemed quite long.  However, I enjoy the experience and atmosphere at World Hyundai. ... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5October 18, 2013

Karen L. of Olympia Fields IL

by Karen Lovas (Olympia Fields, IL) on October 18, 2013
Willie and Teri were great to work with, as well as everyone else I came in contact with today.  I feel I got a fair deal and will really enjoy my new Elantra.  I appreicate all the time Willie took with me today.  He is great!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 5, 2013

William J. of Olympia Fields IL

by William Jackson (Olympia Fields, IL) on June 5, 2013
... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson4April 22, 2013

Lawrence S. of Olympia Fields IL

by Lawrence T Smith (Olympia Fields, IL) on April 22, 2013
I got in, they got approved an out fast. Thanks World Hyundai... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5March 11, 2013

Jerome G. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Jerome Griffin (Olympia Fields, IL) on March 11, 2013
Department: Sales
Sal was a great help in my decision to purchase my velosier today.  He was very knowlegable in the vehicle capabilities, and features.  He was a great source to have at hand and will spread the word about how great hundai's customer service was. I am very satisfied with my... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5August 14, 2012

Mandene of Olympia Fields happy with no games at World Hyundai

by mandene muhhammad (Olympia Fields, IL) on August 14, 2012
Department: Sales
I was reffered to come to World Hyundai and my experience was excellent. They took care of me quickly and efficiently. Erik and Tom did not play any games.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5December 13, 2011

Olympia Fields IL Car Buyer Receives Amazing Deal

by gregory foster (Olympia Fields, IL) on December 13, 2011
Department: Sales
I had an excellent experience with my purchase from World Hyndai. Everyone involved in my sale was very attentive and accomodatiing and i received an excellent deal on my vehicle. i will definitely do business with World Hyundai again.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson4October 22, 2011

David King at World Hyundai makes it happen

by SADIE LATRICE WALKER (Olympia Fields, IL) on October 22, 2011
Department: Sales
World Hyundai Matteson5July 14, 2011

MARY C. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by MARY CRANNY (Olympia Fields, IL) on July 14, 2011
Department: Sales
World Hyundai Matteson5June 29, 2011

kimberly b. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by kimberly bey (Olympia Fields, IL) on June 29, 2011
Department: Sales
The service here at world Hyudai is great. Chris and Mr. Wair is awsome!!!!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 25, 2011

Jerri N. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Jerri L Newman (Olympia Fields, IL) on June 25, 2011
Department: Sales
Chris was very courteous and took the extra mile to work with me and get me a good deal. ... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5July 24, 2010

Olympia Fields Hyundai customer is pleased with Sal

by william downs (Olympia Fields, IL) on July 24, 2010
Department: Sales
I thought Sal was very freindly and personable. I appreciated his low pressure attitude.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5July 19, 2010

Alan L. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Alan Leopold (Olympia Fields, IL) on July 19, 2010
Department: Service
I almost want another repair so I can go back to the World Hyundai service center. Everybody was fantastic and explained things well. Can't wait for an oil change!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5July 1, 2010

Olympia Fields client on Danny Jones

by Canillia Robertson (Olympia Fields, IL) on July 1, 2010
Department: Sales
Danny sent me home with a vehicle that meet and exceeded my needs.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 24, 2010

Elizabeth G. of Olympia Fields IL Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Elizabeth Garnes (Olympia Fields, IL) on June 24, 2010
Department: Sales
Mark at World HYundai made a difference in my car buying experience. He took the time not only to accompany me home to show the vechicle to my husband but also time and patience to go over every question sometime more than once to make sure I was buying what... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 5, 2010

Fast, easy oil change for Olympia Fields Hyundai service customer

by vernetta wisniewski (Olympia Fields, IL) on June 5, 2010
World Hyundai Reviews: KB Salesperson:
Department: Service
it was an oil change, fast and efficent... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5May 7, 2010

Jacqueline from Olympia Fields gets her first Hyundai at World Hyundai

by Jacqueline Upshaw (Olympia Fields, IL) on May 7, 2010
Department: Sales
Danny was professional and responsive to the needs our family shared for the vehicle needed for our daughter.    We didn't want to spend time negotiating (back and forth) so Danny was able to connect us with the Owner/Manager.    I beleive everyone we worked with was honest and respectful. Thank you!    I... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5March 20, 2010

Overall excellent experience for Olympia Fields Hyundai guest

by Nancy A Leopold (Olympia Fields, IL) on March 20, 2010
Department: Sales
An overall excellent experience. Sal was knowledeable and helpful at all steps. Very accommodating at finding our car at an affiliated dealer and getting it here in good time. All the staff were pleasant and helpful and thoroughly explained all steps in the process. We look forward to our first... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5January 8, 2010

Ms. Powell from Olympia Fields will refer her family and friends to World Hyundai

by RaShina Powell (Olympia Fields, IL) on January 8, 2010
Department: Sales
My experience with World Hyundai especially with my salesperson Danny Jones was excellent.  He was very informative and made sure that I was completely satisfied and aware in every step of this process.  I would definitely refer a friend or family to World Hyundai in the future!!!!... [read more]
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