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World Hyundai Matteson5October 28, 2017

Sonya C. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Sonya Cole (Griffith, IN) on October 28, 2017
Department: Sales
Edwin was informative, humble and very helpful! Thanks again!!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5October 31, 2016

Bill V. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Bill Lee Vanwinkle (Griffith, IN) on October 31, 2016
Department: Sales
Had a good experience with Erik today. Erik was very helpful, knowledgeble and freindly. I was here one year ago and returned today and had a pleasant experience. I will refer my friends to Erik when they are looking for their next car.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5December 18, 2015

Dawn S. of Griffith IN

by Dawn Smith (Griffith, IN) on December 18, 2015
Will Barnett helped me get into the car I really wanted and needed. As a first time buyer he worked his magic to get me approved for the car of my dreams. He was patient, punctual, and caring in providing me with my needs. ... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5November 15, 2014

Caitlyn K. of Griffith IN

by Caitlyn K (Griffith, IN) on November 15, 2014
Very friendly and helpful. Sold me a great car!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5February 8, 2014

Lisa L. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Lisa A Lopiccolo (Griffith, IN) on February 8, 2014
Department: Sales
First initial contact with Terie via email.  Took several weeks for me to come to the dealership because of the weather, but she kept in touch with me,  When I came to the dealrship, we were directed to Will Bernette.  He was very knowledgeable about the vehicles and explained everything... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5October 29, 2013

Brian B. of Griffith IN

by Brian Birchall (Griffith, IN) on October 29, 2013
this was an excellent experience with this dealership.  I will definitely purchase from here again.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5July 31, 2013

Thomas M. of Griffith IN

by Thomas Mabry (Griffith, IN) on July 31, 2013
great service... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5July 31, 2013

Marquis M. of Griffith IN

by Marquis J Mabry (Griffith, IN) on July 31, 2013
He worked very hard to get me into a good vehicle. I really do appreciate all of the effort that he put into this deal. If I could I would recommend other people to this dealership and to Jerry.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson4April 24, 2013

Samantha L. of Griffith IN

by Samantha Genoveva Lopez (Griffith, IN) on April 24, 2013
As a first time buyer Hyundai World made my purchase very easy & it was a great experience!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5April 23, 2013

Beatrice L. of Griffith IN

by Beatrice Lopez (Griffith, IN) on April 23, 2013
I was so happy that I was nervous at the same time but Frank constantly assured me with confidence that it was going to work out .. And it did .. I'm driving out of here with a 2013 elantra!!! Thank You Frank!!!! World Hyundai the best!!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5March 30, 2013

Joseph S. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Joseph R Soy (Griffith, IN) on March 30, 2013
Department: Sales
Troy was very polite. He explain my troubles and helped me thru the entire process of purchasing my vehicle. I would refer my friends and family in the future to work with him.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5August 16, 2012

Griffith Indiana customer drive to World Hyundai for new car

by STACY CHANDLER (Griffith, IN) on August 16, 2012
Department: Sales
Second car from Edwin, YEAH!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 25, 2012

Diana F. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Diana Friels (Griffith, IN) on June 25, 2012
Department: Sales
Mr. Soto gets a 10!!! Very polite,courteous and respectful. I really appreciate a salesman who is as honest and patient as him. Thank you to Tom P. also for making this whole thing possible for me. 2011 Hyundai Genesis.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 6, 2012

CHINELL C. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by CHINELL CROSS (Griffith, IN) on June 6, 2012
Department: Service
World Hyundai Matteson5May 7, 2012

Salesman Makes an Impression on Griffith IN Customer

by simone remmer (Griffith, IN) on May 7, 2012
Department: Sales
Very friendly, Straigh foward and honest. One of the most welcoming salesmen ive came across.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson4May 4, 2012

Open and Honest Salesman Does it All for Griffith IN Customer

by Simone Remmer (Griffith, IN) on May 4, 2012
Department: Sales
Frank was one of the best salesman i ever came across. Kept me fully informed of the process with a smile on his face. Felt like i was at home with a family friend. Hes well spoken and kept things open and honest with me which is a rare quality... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5April 28, 2012

Griffith IN Customer Recommends World Hyundai to Everyone

by diana friels (Griffith, IN) on April 28, 2012
Dennis and Tommy at World Hyundai has been the BEST to me Diana Friels , GOD BLESS THEM BOTH. I would recommend them to everyone that I know. THANK YOU, BOTH.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5April 13, 2012

Griffith IN Car Buyer Respects Professionalism of Salesman

by Domonic Raymone Sutton (Griffith, IN) on April 13, 2012
Department: Sales
I had a great experience with Frank he explained all information to me about my vehicle purchase . He was very professional and treated me with respect.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5February 1, 2012

Griffith IN Customer Recommends World Hyundai Salesman

by aurielle ortiz (Griffith, IN) on February 1, 2012
Department: Sales
I am very pleased with my experience.  The salesman was very patient and knowledgable and it was a very pleasant experience. I love mike p!!GO BUY A CAR FROM HIM!!HES THE BEST!!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5January 9, 2012

Griffith IN Customer is Thankful for Excellent Customer Service

by Jessica B. Horvat (Griffith, IN) on January 9, 2012
Department: Sales
He was very willing to work with us and help us find a compromise that was satisfyingly better!... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5December 30, 2011

Griffith IN Customer Recommends World Hyundai

by vickie neylon (Griffith, IN) on December 30, 2011
Department: Sales
the people here at Hyundai have been been very helpful exspecial erik who did't give up until he found me a car that i could purchase. I will recommended him to anyone.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5December 17, 2011

Griffith IN Customer is Treated Like Family

by beatrice lopez (Griffith, IN) on December 17, 2011
Department: Sales
The first moment we walked in we felt very welcomed. Eric garcia was so nice and comforting.. Like family..very honest very repectful... I know that I will definently come back.. ... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5June 3, 2011

Diana F. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by Diana Friell (Griffith, IN) on June 3, 2011
World Hyundai Matteson5April 9, 2011

TATIANNA S. of Griffith IN Reviews World Hyundai Matteson

by TATIANNA M SMITH (Griffith, IN) on April 9, 2011
Department: Sales
ISSAC HOUSTON DID A FANTASTIC JOB....... ... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5May 3, 2010

Steve took excellent care of this Griffith IN Hyundai client

by James Cross, Jr. (Griffith, IN) on May 3, 2010
Department: Sales
My experince at World Hyundai was a very pleasant one Steve was very helpful and he worked very hard to make sure I got the best vehicle to fit my needs I was very satisfied with the custmer service and would recomend anyone to come here for their next auto... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5April 17, 2010

Edwin, Tom and Sheri made for a great day for Tracey from Griffith, IN

by Tracey Van Vuren (Griffith, IN) on April 17, 2010
Department: Sales
 Everyone was so friendly and nice. You can tell that higher management treats employees well because it trickles down and i felt very respected and that I mattered to them, more than just a number. Edwin even tried to help me solve my rental car dropoff problem and drive the... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5March 16, 2010

Review by lana j pacurar (Griffith, IN)
on March 16, 2010

Department: Sales
super place to deal with. our salesman was great to us.... [read more]
World Hyundai Matteson5March 16, 2010

Griffith IN Hyundai dealer of choice is World Hyundai in the Matteson Auto Mall

by Tamia Mccarley (Griffith, IN) on March 16, 2010
Department: Sales
Mark was really nice. He took good care of me. He was friendly, nice, and had a great sense of humor. He made my experience here great. I didnt have plans on paying as much but his attitude and personality sold me that car. I do like the car and was ready... [read more]
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