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World Hyundai Matteson5July 30, 2010

A super 5 star review of Dennis Wippo and World Hyndai Matteson from a Bolo IL used car shopper

by ricardo q rosario (Bolo, IL) on July 30, 2010
Department: Sales

the day of july30 2010 started of very frustrating and upsetting due to mine and my families car situation we had visited several car dealership to no avail or help as we have done so many times before down on our luck and ready togive upmywife and i recieved a phone call from mymother in law who just saw a commercialon tv about world hyundai she said she gave them a call andspoketo aman named dennis whippo and asked us to call him. My wife and i thought to ourselves, the last thing we need is to waist our time with another dead end car dealership thats going to lead to nowhere. Going against our own feelings we decided to give dennis whippo a call and he asked us to come down and even promised that he wouldhelp us this is something we have heard over and over again with no results from previous dealers. but to our surprise dennis was absolutely correct notonly did he help us get a car for us but he also helpedus get a car for our daughter and because he did it in a professional timely and caring way i have promised to come and buymy car here when its time and i wouldgladly recommend dennis whippo and world hyundai to anyone i come across that is looking fora car he changed the way i think and feel about car dealerships and car salesmen thank you dennis for your help and i hope your place of business realizes that they have an excellent employee and salesmen who cares about their customers and goes that extra mile tomake sure they leave happy thank you dennis for your help and the time you took to make sure we were very well taken care of. 

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